Let me first say that the banner pic has nothing to do with my thoughts on war, work ethic, sleeping habits, or hair maintenance.

Now a little bit about myself. I love art, music, story-telling, movies, games, photography, animation, and everything else creative. I enjoy constantly learning new, exciting ways of expressing ideas in this everchanging, digital age. At this point, I am a generalist who is slowly narrowing down where I want to be in the pipeline. I am most interested in lighting and compositing, as well as being a lighting TD. I hope that my next pursuit will allow me to explore those areas more fully since I've already had experience lighting for commercials, and have been a lighting ATD at Disney on Tangled.

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in '08, and have been working at several studios ever since. I was a pipeline TD at Curious Pictures for a while in NYC, then did some animation there for Rockband Beatles, and finally finished up working on some game design intended for the iPhone. Then, I jetted off to LA to work at Sony Pictures Imageworks on G-Force as a pipeline TD. Once that show ended, I came back to NYC to work at Launch for a bit as a lighter for commercial animation. Then, I came back to LA once again to be a pipeline TD on Alice in Wonderland at Imageworks. After that, I worked as a lighting ATD at Disney on Tangled, and finally returned again to Imageworks as a pipeline TD on Arthur Christmas.

Now after a nice break I am back at Imageworks again working on Hotel Transylvania. Check out my site and feel free to message me about anything!